Finding the purpose

Master Thinkers has been in existence for well over 18 months now. As the sole director, I haven’t been able to fully sustain it. Yet. All this time, I felt something was missing, that my story wasn’t complete. Last week, the pieces of the puzzle feel into place and I found my purpose.

I was reminiscing about the Perth Agile Coach Camps 2018 and 2019, the unconference for Agile coaches, Scrum Masters, etc. At any unconference, the participants can propose to run a session. Others then decide which session they want to attend.

Group of people
A group of people having a conversation

At ACC18, I ran a session that focused on the Thinking Environment. During that session, I helped the participants experience a Thinking Environment. It was a great success, based on the feedback I got. While it’s called a ‘thinking’ environment, I believe you can only reach that level when you’re having conversations a certain way (and as a result have the right conversations).

Then, at ACC19 I ran an experiment. Using positive and negative traits, we simulated a team meeting where people would show their best and their worst behaviour. Some people would be empathetic or interested, others would be having side conversations or have completely checked out. It’s a beautiful way of showcasing behaviours that happen in almost any meeting.

Finally, thinking about what I would like to do at this year’s ACC (which hasn’t been announced yet), I suddenly saw a pattern, a common thread going through them all. It clicked, and I knew. That’s what Master Thinkers is about.

My purpose

At the heart, Master Thinkers is about communication and conversations. It’s about engaging with each other, talking, listening, finding our humanity. Humans bond by having conversations, by telling stories. In my opinion, it’s the most distinctive part of being human. No other animal can communicate the way we do.

But we’ve lost the way. We need to break free from ineffective meetings, we need to change how so-called leaders “call the shots” without any consultation, and we need to break free from any form of victim mentality, where we simply do what we’re told because we don’t know another way. I get it, though, we’re tired.

Master Thinkers’ offerings all address communication. It’s completely obvious, now that I found the pattern and the purpose. It was, so to speak, hiding in plain sight. Have a look at everything I have to offer, by going to the homepage. And if you’re interested to learn more, or to engage me to help you solve a problem, hit me up. We can sit down together, have a proper conversation, and take it from there.

Shall we begin?

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